A letter from our team president

Bacon Nation,

Twenty-six home games. Thousands of memories. That’s the best way to sum up the 2021 season. As we finished up last night with our final game of the season, our hearts are filled with so much gratitude.

Before the fireworks show last night (which was amazing, by the way), I took a minute to thank the fans that waited out until the very end for the show. This is what I shared…Fireworks are a staple in baseball. When you work in baseball, you have an opportunity to see a lot of fireworks shows. But, regardless of how many you see, it gives you that feeling inside that just makes you happy. Well, that’s how our staff feels about our fans. You are our fireworks. You are the ones that make us all giddy and excited to do our jobs every day.

Whether it was your first game with us or your 100th this season, we are forever grateful for your support.

This season was filled with so much fun, excitement and yep, there was rain. But there is no way the rain would rain on our parade and we hope you enjoyed the season as much as we did with you.

We love our community. We love our players, coaches, full-time staff and game day staff members. Regardless of the challenges that may have faced us this year (pandemic, staff shortages, rain), the most important thing we talk about as a staff is that our “why” is you. We are all building memories together.

After every game, our full-time staff and interns gather in the office and talk about the game, things that went well and those we need to work on for the next one. Last night, we went around the room and talked about our favorite memories for the season. There were so many stories about an interaction with a fan, a family, first-time game for someone and those that come to every game.

Words cannot express my gratitude for every single one of our fans that came through the historic gates of Luther Williams Field this year. Thank you for spending part of your summer with us and we look forward to the next time we get to see you all soon. Season #5 is right around the corner!

I’ll leave you with this text message I received from one of our fans after the game. He said, “I was just thinking that someday I will say to my girls… remember when we went to those Macon Bacon games together? Thanks for the memories.”

You are our why. You are our fireworks.

Until next time,

Brandon Raphael
President, Macon Bacon